A lightroom preset for landscape photography

29 May 2018

Last month I received from Sleeklens.com – a young Danish company focused on creating products for Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop – a landscape bundle presets named “Through the Woods” to test it and make an honest review.

First of all I have to say that the pack I received is very easy to download and the instructions to install both the presets and the brushes are really clear and easy to understand and follow.

Talking about the presets, they are totally user-friendly.

The presets “0” are an all-in-one ready to use set. They operate on many Lightroom parameters to give you a perfect processed photo. The presets from “1” to “6” act separately on the Lightroom parameters: base, exposure, color, tone/tint, polish and vignette to give you more control on the workflow of your image.

But what makes this bundle superlative in my opinion is the “brushes” pack. The brushes allow to enhance the final result of your image, working on specific zones of your photo for example to desaturate colors, reduce highlights, add contrast and much more, to get exactly the effect you desire.

Finally, I absolutely recommend buying this package.

Just follow these links to get your copy: