fine art photography

Karim Carella


of the chromatic compositions, to reach a concept of composition so clean and rarefied. A photography immobile in time and isolated in space

Long Exposures

with the water that fades into a flow of tones that softens the sea, the clouds, the sand… The subjects move into a captivating dream flight

New visual code

to emphasize the cry of pain of the violated nature. Primordial elements scrambled on a single plane, and then redesigned on a rarefied, mobile, fantastic background

Elegeia I photo
Morphe photo
Kalos photo
Apeiron III photo
Kinesis II photo

A new photography concept

No Time, No Space, No Humans

A research in which the photographic language embarks on a courageous journey towards the abstract dimension. A process of transcendence that brings us back to the avant-garde of the twentieth century.

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