Autumn colors group ehibition with the artist Karim Carella

3 October 2012

CHIE ARTGALLERY, Milan V.le Premuda 27

9-20 October 2012

Autumn is, from some points of view, one of the most beautiful seasons of the year, for the warm and colorful colors of which nature covers itself and for the enchanting landscapes that it gives us, before the imminent arrival of cold and dark winter.

In this collective exhibition, therefore, it will be possible to observe the works of three artists who best express this season through their soul and their poetics.

Karim Carella photographer, in which the idea of ​​the presence in the absence of someone or something dominates. The elements and subjects, mainly drawn from nature and landscapes, are simple and are taken directly, without artifice or filters, to facilitate the emotional sharing of the observer. In this photograph, made up of silences and absences, stillness and the indefinite reign, the spaces are ethereal and devoid of space-time collocation. The colors are black and white, in a contrast of lights and shadows that are clearly imprinted on the eyes and mind. The synaesthetic value of the images recalls the late romantic and decadent poetics of “reverie”. As in a fantastic dream, photography accompanies the viewer on a path never known, to discover those emotions and sensations that, surprisingly, small things can reveal to us.

Enrico Cecini was born in Rome in 1983. he He completes scientific and musical studies, as regards the visual arts he is self-taught. He has always manifested his artistic flair in an eclectic form, a common thread that accompanied him as he explored disciplines very distant from each other. As a sculptor he prefers physical contact with work, the techniques used are both traditional and innovative, with a particular predilection for craftsmanship, revised in a personal way, strongly influenced by his own background, scientific knowledge above all. He considers himself a rookie. His current interests range from: physics of complex systems, machine learning, neurology, neuroscience of vision, physiognomy, hologram optics, plastics, tailoring, natural and artificial fibers, pigment chemistry, discrete mathematics, investigation of human archetypes with particular interest in their possible evolutionary origin.

Hannah Elisabeth Walstra Hogeboom graduated in Fine Arts sculpture / painting at the Minerva Groningen Art Institute in the Netherlands where she still lives and teaches history and geography at this College. Since the 1990s you have participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout Europe.

Critical text by Ilaria Sisti