What does it mean to be an NFT artist

31 January 2022

First of all, what is an NFT?

An NFT or non-fungible token is a digital asset that exists completely in the digital universe, so you can’t touch it, but you can own it; each NFT is unique and no one is equal to another.

According to Wikipedia an NFT can be any type of digital file, for example an artwork, an article, music or even a meme. It features a digital signature, which is crucial to prove its authenticity. In fact, NFTs are numbered and registered on blockchains and this is the way their uniqueness and ownership can be verified.

NFT Non Fungible Token

Why I started to create NFT collections

Since most photographs are digital or can be scanned and digitalised, photography is already best suited in terms of flexibility to enter the NFT world. That’s why photography and NFTs form a perfect marriage where a NFT photo give buyers the ownership of a unique item, while photographers maintain the copyright and reproduction rights of their works.

NFT platforms grant photographers an immediate access to global audiences and offer an additional tool for selling artwork. Furthermore, the NFT market is demonstrating a dynamism and ease of access decidedly higher compared to the physical art market.

NFT collection Karim Carella

From a buyer and collector perspective, besides the pleasure of having something unique from an admired artist, NFTs can work like any other speculative asset, waiting for the value of a purchased NFT to increase, to sell it for a profit.

And since NFTs are extremely collectible and tradable, it is much easier to re-sell a NFT photograph than it would be to re-sell the same photo in its physical version. Moreover, buying an NFT usually grants some basic usage rights, in addition to the ownership of the unique artwork as digital asset, traceable on the blockchain.

Karim Carella NFT artist

For all the reasons above, I decided to join the world of crypto art and right from the beginning of 2022 I started creating my first NFT collections. If you are interested in my NFT creations, just visit my NFT page.