Image Nation group ehibition with the artist Karim Carella

1 June 2013

Officine Creative Ansaldo, Milan (Italy), Via Tortona 54

6-19 June 2013

The DeFactory collective presents the exhibition “IMAGE NATION – CONTEMPORARY VISIONS BETWEEN IMAGE AND IMAGINATION”. 

Urban landscapes, travel photographs, portraits and compositions: 30 views on the contemporary world with “Image Nation – Contemporary visions between image and imagination”, the first photographic and artistic exhibition in Milan by the DeFACTORY collective.

In each of the eighty works on display, the artists have personally reworked the relationship between reality and vision through the choice of subject, color and perspective, leaving full freedom to subjective inspiration and pathos. The characteristic that distinguishes this collective is the skilful combination of black and white works and creations in which color is used as a pure communication tool, which enhances the harmony or contrast of the subject with the context.

And like an “exhibition within an exhibition”, 5 other artists between painting and contemporary art will present their works in a dialogue between different visual expressions, to investigate the relationship between image and imagination.

Artists on show: KARIM CARELLA, Elisa Girelloni, Cedric Dasesson, Saviolam, Margherita Calati, Mattia Egi, Marco Cocconi, Andrea Benedetti, Luca Liloni, Iefte Gerevini, Nicola Molteni, Andrea Gusperti, Rocco Delillo, Elisa Gobbi Frattini, Felicitas Keegan, Marco Oprescu, Nicolò Galeazzi, Stefano Di Corato, Barbara Romanelli, Olimpia Galatolo, Giuseppe Preianò, Valentina Formisano, Matteo Silva, Salmen Bejaoui, Walter Xausa, Monica Frisone, Fabio Forti, Caterina Arciprete, Elisabetta Fontana.