My pictures are available as signed and numbered limited edition between 5 and 30 prints (plus 2 author’s proof).

You can e-mail me your request or you can purchase them online through the website, where you can browse a selection of images, which I update periodically.

Below the technical standards features of my prints:

– Size: 50x50cm or 100x100cm
– Paper: Hahnemühle Fine Art cotton paper “Bright White” 310 gsm
– Printer: Epson Carbon Inkjet print (Giclée print)

IMG_0405_400pxI personally sign and number each print on the reverse side. Each print comes with a certificate of authenticity, reporting the technical and the specific features of the image, as well as a serialized numbered hologram, identically numbered to the hologram applied on the reverse side of the print. After long researching and testing, I have chosen the specific technical standards above, which I consider to be the best possible combination to enhance the artistic value of my images. Moreover, this combination of paper and printing technique is the only one which guarantees the archival quality of the print.

I am currently represented by the following galleries:


EOTW Gallery

You can find also a selection of my works on:



Recently I created an “open” edition series. The prints are in smaller format, on a different paper and don’t have any certificate of authenticity. These prints have a lower market value and hence a lower price compared to the limited edition series.

Don’t hesitate to write me if you have some specific request or for any question.

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