The Affordables photos by Karim Carella

19 May 2022

New paths and affordable photography 

The first part of the year 2022 marked a major breakthrough in my artistic path as a photographer. After having dedicated myself for 15 years exclusively to fine art landscape photography, creating figurative artworks at first and exploring abstract techniques in more recent times, in 2022 I decided to seek new paths and differentiate for the first time ever my artistic output.

Out of this changed approach I’ve created my first NFT collections (explore more here) and made them available on the digital marketplace, and decided to create a new collection called The Affordables.

Stone jetty affordable photography

What is the The Affordables about

The Affordables is a collection of photographs I’ve taken during my long activity as a photographer, which don’t fit in a photographic project. In this sense, let me explain what makes The Affordables different from any other photographic project I’ve created, such as Syksy or Aphàiresis, just to name the more recent ones.

Game room affordable photography

There’s no common theme linking the images in The Affordable catalogue; this is in fact a collection of single shots, individual moments captured by chance during my many travels as I was creating a specific photographic project. The Affordables are unique, unrepeatable moments of beauty I had the privilege to witness and capture with my eyes and my lens. The Affordables is real affordable photography in limited edition.

Why the name The Affordables

For years I’ve jealously guarded these shots in my personal photographic archive and shared them only with few family members and friends. But from the beginning of 2022, I started wondering about something that I would have never thought possible even just a couple of years ago.

The warm wind of summer affordable photo in livingroom
Recently I made the decision to share these photographs with the purpose of making my art creations more accessible to a broader public and for all those who appreciate my photographic style. Here is my affordable photography collection.

Skagerrak photo affordable photography

Whilst maintaining the technical and quality features that characterize my most prestigious photographic projects – giclée fine art printing on Exhibition Matte Polycotton Canvas 380gsm – The Affordables are offered as collection artworks at a more affordable price, thanks to the 15 or 25 copies edition and smaller dimensions.

If I’ve aroused your curiosity about The Affordables, please visit my personal shop on the marketplace Artfinder. Here you can find all of my pieces of affordable photography.

Ten menhirs affordable photo in livingroom